Planning & Evaluating Photoshoots- Shutter Speed (Light Trails)

For the topic of shutter speed I decided to explore the theme of light trails instead of visiting Tropical World. Experimenting with shutter speed when working with light is one of my favourite types of photography so I really enjoyed the shoots I had for this. Overall I am pleased with the final images I produced and I think this is something I will not get bored of experimenting with any time soon.


Planning & Evaluating Photoshoots- Artificial Lighting (Still Life)

Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to complete the provided suggestion of ‘Halloween’ so I decided to explore ‘Still Life’ instead. I found my chosen topic really enjoyable as it was open for lots of opportunity and creativity. I’m really happy with the shots I came away with after a few nights locked in my room armed with some cheap toys, torches and my DSLR!

Planning & Evaluating Photoshoots- Lenses (Travel & Transport)

Rather than exploring the given topic of sport, I decided to explore the theme of travel and transport as I believed it had more potential. However I found this topic took somewhat of a back seat and I found myself struggling to produce images I was totally satisfied with, as I discovered other themes such as Special Techniques, Shutter Speed and Artificial Lighting consumed a lot of my time I had dedicated to my photography module.  Overall though I believe some of the photographs I captured for this assignment are quite effective and plan to explore this topic further on from this module.

Planning & Evaluating Photoshoots- Special Techniques (Urban Landscapes)

For this assignment, I decided to experiment with some images I had already taken in the past that were relevant to this theme aswell as go on a shoot specifically intended for this topic. I took some panaroma images around Headingley Campus and Leeds city centre, then pieced them together using PhotoShop. I also went on a shoot in the more derelict urban areas of my home town, Carlisle, I think this turned out well as I believe features such as rust and graffiti are really effective when working with HDR imaging. Overall I am happy with the photographs I produced for this theme and plan to do much more photography like this in the future.

Planning & Evaluating Photoshoots- Aperture (Markets)

I planned to go on two separate shoots in order to collect a range of suitable images for the theme of ‘Markets’, one at Leeds City Market and one at the Christkindelmarkt (German Christmas market in Millenium Square) I spent a few hours one Saturday at the City Markets (indoor and outdoor) and was happy with realise how my images came out, although I should have checked the exposure before taking the shots indoors as some were too underexposed which I didn’t until later. I then visited the Christkindelmarkt a few weeks later and enjoyed walking around seeing all the weird and wonderful things and smelling all the smells. I was happy with the images I came away with, particularly the close ups I took of the Christmas decorations on various stalls. Between these two shoots I produced approximately 30 decent photographs I can consider for my final assignment.