Bounce Flash Task

For this task we had to take a photograph of something or some place in our favourite room that tells a story about ourself using the bounce flash technique from a external flash gun. I took these 3 photographs:


This image shows the noticeboard in my room which says a lot about me. On this board are my favourite photographs of me, friends and family, my university timetable and to-do list, a manual photography ‘cheat sheet’ as well as my calendar of the ‘Shaytards’ family whose daily videos I enjoy watching on YouTube.

This image shows my iMac which you will find me sitting at for the majority of the day for both work and leisure. IMG_0670However this was the final image I chose which I felt said the most about me. This photograph was taken on my bed, and as a massive sleep fan I spend a lot of time here. Also in this photograph are my 3 teddies, Iron Man (because Iron Man is awesome), Charlie the monkey who I’ve had for about 10 years and Oldy who I’ve had for about 16 years and has a lot of sentimental value. There is also an eye mask in this photo which essentially reflects my feelings towards ever having to leave my bed.


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