Culture and Meaning Task

5 images that define “University Culture” 

1) Dirty Dishes and General FilthIMG_0219

The indescribable mess above represents the simple laziness of today’s students. If there’s no risk of catching a disease when you go in the kitchen, you’re not having enough fun.

2) Alcohol

Alcohol is essentially fuel for a large percentage of the fun during University, cards games add to the preparation of a night out by forcing you to consume many drinks in a short space of time.

3) Takeaway and it’s leftovers (dinner for the next 3 days)


Think of it as an investment, you may be spending double figures on a assortment of greasy food, but it will provide 3 meals a day for the rest of the week! Pizza boxes like those above are a good representation of the entrepreneurship of students and again, laziness.

4) Advertisements


Nobody really knows where they come from, but when you’re living in Student Accommodation you will wake up to at least one new takeaway menu having been thrown under your door. The above reflects the compilation of these adverts that is created within the first week of University, and most likely you will never use any of them, but that’s what those noticeboards are for right?

5) No money for food, but always enough for alcohol

IMG_0228It is seen as somewhat of a responsibilty to make sure you have enough alcohol for the evenings events, even if that mean you don’t eat for a few days. The above view represents something you will experience at least once during your time as a student.


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