Clichés in Social Photography

8 examples of subject types that demonstrate clichés in social photography

1) The Tourist

Rule one of visiting a famous monument is to take a clichéd photograph of you perhaps “holding” the Eifell Tower, or “pushing” the leaning tower of Pisa.

The Culprits- People of all ages are victim to this, it just has to be done!

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 23.39.16

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 23.39.41

2) The Nail Artisté

You’ve just done your nails for the third time today, it’s key to share this information with the rest of the world as soon as possible.

The Culprits- Teenage girls with an absurd collection of nail varnish.


3) The Underage Party Animal

Take a group of 14 year old girls, a 6 pack of WKD and you have yourself a new FaceBook album.

The Culprits- Only the coolest of the 13-16 year old girls.


Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 00.14.55

4) Shoes

You meet your friends and instantly notice you all have similar shoes on. Better take a few snaps and upload them to FaceBook after putting them through various garish editing programs.

The Culprits- Any group of original 12-16 year old girls with a camera phone


Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 00.14.47

5) Selfies

The overwhelming desire to share your new outfit/ make-up/ towels with the world. Because, after all, that’s what your family and friends come to FaceBook for!

The Culprits- We’ve all been there.


6) Sunsets

The sunset looks slightly prettier than usual, take a picture on your 2mp phone camera and upload it to Instagram after putting it through some heavy filters.

The Culprits- Instagram sunsets can tempt even the best of us.


7) The Starbucks and MacBook combo

A trip to do a bit of work at Starbucks doesn’t happen unless you share the moment on Instagram.

The Culprits- Those with a fully functional internet connection at home yet gain satisfaction from others watching them write their next novel with a Skinny Latte in hand.


8) Food Porn

You just spent a good half hour composing the perfect sandwich and it looks damn good. All your friends will be jealous if you upload this on Instagram with a faint sepia filter.

The Culprits- All proud culinary geniuses






5 likes and 5 dislikes of social media


1) Long distance contact- Social media allows me to speak to my friends back home whilst at uni as well as family living abroad.

2) Stalking- I can’t help but take a peek at what poor soul my ex-boyfriends have ended up with.

3) Self esteem boost- It gives me some degree of satisfaction to see people I disliked in school working in McDonalds.

4) Inspiration- Following certain photographer’s lives on social media often inspires me to venture to new parts of the art I may not have known about before.

5) Entertainment- Social media essentially allows me to waste hours at a time and have nothing to show for it, but hey, at least I’m not bored now.


1) Procrastination– I’ll be sitting down to do work one minute, the next I’ve spent an hour trawling through photos of my neighbour’s doctor’s gardner on holiday in Paris.

2) Ridicule- If somebody doesn’t agree with you, they will continue tell you so. The right opinion or no opinion.

3) Misleading- ‘Don’t believe everything you read’ is especially true on social media.

4) Time Consuming- I spend several hours each day using social media, and most of the time I have nothing to show for it.

5) Spam- One can not mention the name of any popular brands without being bombarded with spam replies on websites such as Twitter and Instagram.


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