Portraiture Assignment


This is the portrait I took of somebody I know. In this photograph I wanted the viewer to learn more about the subject and her interests in a simple way. I think this image is successful because viewers can learn something about the character simply by seeing that she is holding a DSLR camera. Viewers may also notice that she is on a train, therefore may also enjoy travel as well as photography. I composed this photograph simply by keeping Rhian in the centre of the frame to prevent any distraction from the main focal point. I also timed the shot so that the sun was shining onto her hair, to represent this being a big part of Rhian’s individuality.

This is the portrait I took of somebody I don’t know. After noticing his extraordinary talent I promptly asked the man if I could take some photographs. I think this image was successful because the viewer learns about the subjects talents and hobbies right away. I oriented this photograph to be portrait rather than landscape to keep the focus and the majority of the frame towards the subject to prevent viewer distractions.

Both of the portraits I have displayed here tie together as they both tell the viewer about the subjects hobbies and interests. Both were composed simply to establish the viewers attention on the people in the photographs rather than external distractions. Although portraiture isn’t one of my preferred areas of photography, I quite enjoyed this assignment as I got to learn a lot about my subjects, especially the man I had never met,  and overall I think my final images were a success.


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