Travel Photography Assignment- Harrogate


This is the photograph I chose out of my set of final images that I feel not only describes Harrogate as a place, but also sums up our trip there. In the short time we spent there, I noticed there was quite a high number of church-like buildings. This reflects the historical location of Harrogate. I also became aware of the amount of ‘old style’ buildings, and that even modern shops and restaurants were placed in traditional buildings. I think this is a positive thing as often the historical parts of towns and cities in England are overshadowed by modern existence. I also feel this photograph sums up our trip to Harrogate, as there is a typical horror-like theme to it which reflects our anxiety of visiting an unknown place for the first time.


This is the photograph I chose that represents something I found there. This is an example of the detailed stonework atop many of the buildings which is often missed. I am a firm believer that we should always simply take a moment to look up, because you never know what you could be missing! I often take this into account when looking for inspiration during a shoot. This image again reflects the historical town of Harrogate and statues such as this make the viewer wonder what the story is behind them. There was a different piece of history around every corner I turned therefore I feel this photograph was appropriate to represent something I saw during my time there.


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