RAW Processing Task


This is the original RAW image I worked with for this task. 

Colour temp

I adjusted the colour temperature of the image, making it look a little warmer. 


I adjusted the tint of the image, again making it look a little warmer.


Here, I  made the exposure of the image higher. 

Fill light

I adjusted the fill light of the photograph.

Tone Curve

I adjusted the tone curve, decreasing the lights and increasing the darkness, however keeping the highlights the same. 


I increased the contrast of the image to make the buildings stand out more from the sky.

Detail- Sharpening

This print screen shows how I adjusted the sharpening of the image. 

Detail- Noise Reduction

This shows how I adjusted the noise reduction of the photograph.

HSL: Grayscale

I adjusted the colour using the HSL/ Grayscale tool.

Split Toning

I adjusted the colour of the photograph using the split toning tool. 

Lens CorrectionsHere, I enabled lens profile corrections. 

Camera Calibration

I didn’t adjust anything using the camera calibration tool. 



White Balance tool

Using the white balance tool I adjusted the image to give it the effect of it being evening. 

Crop tool

This is a basic example of using the crop tool.

Adjustment brush tool

I used the adjustment brush tool to make the clouds look darker and slightly stormy. 

Graduated filter tool

This is an example of what effects can be created by using the graduated filter tool.

Rotate tool

This is a basic example of using the rotate tool. 

Rotate tool

I used a combination of tools to create this final image.


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