Reflection- Introduction to Digital Journalism- Week 7

 Workshop notes:

Simple Slideshows

Assignment 2 Intro

List articles

e.g. 9 ways to keep the pounds off- men’s health

7 surprising things that turn guys off- cosmopolitan

20 best mobile phones in the world today- techradar

10 best Britney spears moments- the observer

  • Online and print

Why list articles?

  • Stronger “call to action”- fulfilling a need in the reader
  • They are often practical- containing tips or instructions
  • If not practical, they have short nuggets of information readers may not know
  • They are packed with information and few frills
  • They cater to shortened attention spans
  • They are easy to format in print or online
  • They have tempting titles that drive traffic to sites or make readers buy magazines

Why pitch list articles?

  • It’s fairly easy to turn any topic you’re interested in into a list article (or even a series of them)
  • They’re relatively quick to write
  • They’re a great format for photographic journalists
  • Editors tend to commission them from freelancers
  • They’re very popular online

500-750 words

10 x 50 words

Heading- title of the article

Strap- 15-20 words describing article’s content

Body- the main section

Intro- 50-100 words introducing the content


  • Each item should be numbered
  • Each item should have its own title
  • Each item should have roughly the same number of words
  • Each item may have an illustration or photograph

Workshop reflection

In this workshop we learnt about list articles in preparation for Assignment 2. For the Assignment I have chosen the topic ’10 places to visit in West USA’ as travel photography is something I am extremely interested in and luckily I have been on a number of road trips down the American West Coast therefore can use my own photographs for the list article. I thought this was a good idea as the post would be more personal rather than using information found from external sources. As a practice list article exercise during the workshop I chose the theme ‘3 places to visit before you die’ (See post ) this is the topic I originally wanted to do for my final assignment, however it would obviously not be possible for me to visit all those places to take my own images before December!


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