Research- Social Commentary- 2wenty’s “Social Cigarettes”

Social Commentary- 2wenty’s “Social Cigarettes”

This poster, designed by LA street artist ‘2wenty’, is a good example of social comment. The comparison of social network Facebook to cigarettes reflects how the site is a cultural addiction with ‘600 million smokers’ and is now a massive part of society. The piece has given the 30 year old artist widespread attention from a number of galleries across the world after appearing across the streets of LA.

2wenty gave reasoning for his piece “I make pieces about what’s bothering me. People are always on Facebook at work and while walking down the street.” “I hope the pieces make people notice their addiction to Facebook.” Though admits the irony is that I’m on Facebook all the time, too.”

The comparison of a website to a drug may seem a bit over zealous, however it is becoming increasingly evident that social networks, and the internet in general, have people hooked and without checking their networks every so often, feel deprived.

The piece has become so popular among the public that mock Facebook cigarette packets are now available to buy online, a replica of that displayed in galleries across the world. The 3-D version includes a mock surgeon general’s warning that cautions: “Facebook may cause loss of time, poor work ethic, obesity, social disorder and possible interference of destiny.”


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