Reflection- Introduction to Photography Week 6

I missed this workshop, however I took notes from the presentation on Xstream that was shown.

Workshop notes: 


Types of lenses-

  • Fish eye (ultra wide-angle)
  • Wide angle
  • Telephoto
  • Macro


Focal length- distance from the lens to the film/sensor e.g 200mm is further from subject (less zoomed in) than 1200mm


Depth of field

How we can use depth of field:

  • Storytelling aperture (wide DoF)
  • Single theme aperture (shallow DoF)
  • Critical aperture


Wide depth of field – use high f number

Shallow depth of field- use low f number


Types of lenses-

Can be used to:

  • Change the composition of the shot
  • Allow a greater number of aperture settings


Wide angle lenses-

  • Focal length of less than 35mm
  • View of more than 55 degrees
  • Wider more sweeping scenes
  • Close minimum focusing distance
  • Relative sizes are exaggerated between near and far objects
  • Can be used to add emphasis to elements in scene
  • Move forward to capture foreground objects
  • Take care with exposure settings- more light variation
  • Look out for glare


Telephoto lenses-

  • Focal length is greater than 70mm
  • View of less than 15 degrees
  • Can capture distant objects
  • Relative sizes are flattened between near and far objects (normalised)


Storytelling aperture (wide DoF)- wide angle lens

Single theme aperture (shallow DoF)- telephoto lens



When NOT to use autofocus:

  • Low light
  • Fast moving objects
  • Macro shots
  • Artistic effect

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