Reflection- Introduction to Photography Week 5

Workshop notes: 

Intro to Photography 5- Artificial lighting


  • Heath Robinson
  • Diffuser


Artificial lighting may be required if

  • Light is too dull
  • Colour tone is wrong
  • Too much contrast
  • Direction is wrong

Can add extra lighting by using

  • Reflectors – used to bounce ambient light back to the scene as a fill light. Quality- affects to nature of the light. Size- the amount of fill light required.
  • Flash – can be used to create a fill light in a scene. Small point light source. Harsh light. Extreme fall off.  Understand the range limits. Don’t shoot too close. Avoid reflective surfaces. Flash diffuser- softens the light and reduces the intensity. External flash- allows more control.
  • Studio lighting – can be continuous/flash. Tungsten lighting- cheap and easy to work with. But not as bright, get hot, not adjustable and give colour cast. Fluorescent. HMI- consistent colour, cool and bright. Large and expensive.  Positioning studio lights- main light (usually in front of subject) Fill light (fill in shadows to give good tone of balance/softens shadows) Rembrandt lighting- main light illuminating in front of subject/ dominant light source with no/little fill light. 90-degree lighting- all light coming from one side. Back lighting- illuminated from back with little filling at front. Positioning lights- light your subject correctly first with the man light then add fill lights as needed.


Assignment- Take a series of photographs, which make use of natural and artificial light. These should be based on the theme Halloween. Should be between 10-15 images in your portfolio. Supported by your reflective journal.  


Find a scene that requires additional light and take some shots of it.

Decide how best to add extra light (flash, reflector, light source) and set it up. Try several variations and take shots.



Workshop reflection- 

In this workshop we learnt about the different methods of using artificial lighting. We were given the task to use reflectors and paper flash diffusers to experiment with lighting in the classroom (See post ) I wasn’t really happy with any of the images I took however it was good to see how cheap and easy to use reflectors and flash diffusers can actually make a difference as I had never done anything like this before.


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