What next for London’s Olympic Stadium?

What next for London’s Olympic Stadium?

After the hugely successful Olympic games of 2012 in London, we are left asking what will happen to the 80,000 capacity Olympic Stadium?

 As well as potentially hosting matches for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, It is set to be the new national home for athletics and host to the IAAF 2017 World Athletics Championships as well as being used for concerts and other cultural and arts events. Four bids for use have also been received from West Ham United, Intelligent Transport Services (in association with Formula One), UCFB College of Football Business and Leyton Orient.

It was originally planned that the stadium was to be taken over by West Ham Football Club.  However challenges from rival bidders for the stadium, including football clubs Leyton Orient and Tottenham Hotspur, halted this process.

The London Legacy Development Corporation then changed its mind – deciding that the stadium should be kept in public ownership. A deal has been struck with Newham Council to manage the park, which will mean the council can use the stadium for public events such as school sports. It will also be reduced in size from 80,000 seats to 60,000 seats. However the final use for the stadium is yet to be decided.

Six out of the eight permanent sites at the Olympic Park have had their futures decided, with announcements expected shortly on the remaining two – the Olympic Stadium and the press centre and broadcast centre.















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