Reflection- History of Photojournalism & Visual Media- Week 4

Workshop reflection:

The focus of this workshop was ‘The frozen moment constructed”. We watched a video which showed how photographers often have people ‘stage’ events in order to exaggerate what is happening. This opened my eyes as I wasn’t really aware this was being done. We also learnt about how moments captured by photography make the story live on and have a massive effect on society. Learning about this will help me in the future as it will make me think in more detail about what I am trying to portray through my work. We were then given another of our assignment tasks which was to research into an image which attempts to freeze time as part of the narrative process. I chose the ‘Falling Man’ image taken by Richard Drew during the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York City in 2001, and I watched a documentary about it in order to use a wider range of media in my research.


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