Reflection- Introduction to Digital Journalism Week 3

Workshop notes: 

How online technology has changed journalism

  • Teleworking- working from home- Internet connection/camera/phone. /freelancing
  • Self publication – turning blogging into businesses, backing from old media, cheap to publish online traditional media struggles to keep up, global audience
  • Hyperlocality- people can have small local audiences, news, starting to edge out local newspapers because they can do it instantly, can belong to the community, campaigns to keep local businesses open
  • Convergence- interaction between network media and traditional media e.g red button, hashtags on programs, showing level of interaction between linear media (newspapers) and interactive media (online)
  • The transition from print- iPads etc. started transition, digital magazines/ convenience
  • Social media- in last 5 years changed the way journalism is generated and distributed. Social media- a hosted profile page where a user can generate content and post it. The ability to create and join networks of friends and followers. View content posted by friends/followers. The ability to share content via URL’s etc.


The way social media has changed news  

  • Faster than any other news media
  • Speed of reaction to events
  • Lack of mediation- E.g TMZ have no rules compared to BBC (Gatekeeper theory) traditional media is filtered through the values of the institution distributing it however social media is filtered through consumers
  • Traditional media pretends to be fair and balanced, social media doesn’t
  • No guarantee of accuracy on social media compared to traditional media because of lack of filters


Responses by traditional media

  • Started updating more frequently
  • Moving to social media themselves (Twitter etc.)
  • Traditional media use social media for quotes and used for evidence
Workshop Reflection 
In this workshop we researched one of three given recent topics and created a news article in pairs. Me and Frankie decided to choose the theme of ‘UK Riots 2011’ (See post
We used popular news websites to research this topic and through these we found out exactly how much social media sites such as Twitter affected this event, which was interesting as I wasn’t aware of how much of an impact this had on the situation. I found it was more difficult working in pairs than rather than working alone, as you have to consider both of your viewpoints on how an article should be written rather than staying in your comfort zone, although this wasn’t a big problem as we both had similar ideas on the structure and contents of the piece. This task made me think more about how social media almost has an unavoidable massive impact on society today, and how much it can contribute to events in the public eye.

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