Reflection- Introduction to Digital Journalism Week 2

Reflection- Introduction to Digital Journalism Week 2

Workshop notes:


WordPress Pages vs. Posts


  • Are for fixed content e.g. CV/Contact details/ About me
  • Have permanent links
  • Can have sub pages
  • Appear in their own navigation area


  • Easy to update
  • Dynamic automatically listed and viewed in a number of ways- tags/categories/date/popularity
  • Archived by date
  • Searchable


Reflection on Learning

Diary- Use text/photos/ video/ audio

  • Remembering- What did you do? Describe what happened and why/ Tasks and outcomes
  • Understanding – Why was it important?
  • Application- how am I going to use this skill in the future?
  • Evaluation- what problems did you encounter? How did you solve them? Are you happy with your results?
  • Creating- what do you want to do next?

Workshop Reflection

In this workshop we learnt the difference between pages and posts in WordPress and when it is necessary to use each which will be useful when building my blog. I learnt that pages are mainly used for more permanent fixed posts whereas posts are more for regular text and media posts, as they can be easily edited and moved around. I have decided that in the near future I am going to create an ‘about’ page on my blog, so that visitors can quickly and easily find out more about what they can expect to find on my WordPress page. During this workshop we also completed an anonymous survey about what we wished to accomplish in both the near and distant future, it was interesting to see the different results and which areas of media were popular with my peers’ long term career targets.


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