Reflection- Induction Week & Week 1

Induction week

Our induction day involved us being split into groups and being sent on a scavenger hunt- like task. We were given a list of several items that we had to find in Leeds City Centre. I really enjoyed this task because not only did it give us time to make new friends straight away, but it also gave us the opportunity to get to know Leeds a bit more, as for most of us we are knew to the city. I think the tutors gave us so much time to do this task purposefully to give us all a chance to get to know each other which I appreciated. We completed the task quite quickly as 2 members of our group were from Leeds and therefore knew where a lot of the items were. We had some extra time to visit 2 art galleries and go to a pub for lunch which was good because it gave us all a chance to bond. The only problem we really encountered was with the ‘person with a tattoo’ task, as we visited a tattoo parlour to photograph some of the staff, afterwards we found out another group had done the same so we found another tattoo parlour to overcome this and we were all happy with the results.

First week of teaching

The first week of teaching gave us a good introduction to each of the modules in order to give us a taster of what the year would be like.  In the ‘History of Photojournalism’ and ‘Visual Media’ module we learnt about the power of the image, which was interesting as I hadn’t really learnt about the history of photography prior to the 21st century before. In the ‘Introduction to Digital Journalism’ we set up a WordPress and began to create our own blog. I hadn’t used WordPress but I managed to navigate my way through the site pretty easily. We also began to use Adobe Illustrator, which at first is very daunting, but luckily I have some experience in PhotoShop so a lot of the tools are pretty similar. However I do think I will need to spend a bit of time using Illustrator before I am used to it.

Meeting new friends

Even after the induction day I had already made friends with the 5 people in my group, and I made more friends quickly as the week went on which was relieving. I learned that we were all in the same boat, many of us have moved away from home to a different city without knowing anybody, so to make so many good friends within the first week was great. Although nobody from this course lives in the same accommodation as me which is unfortunate!


Freshers fortnight basically consisted of getting drunk with the few friends I managed to find in my majorly quiet accommodation and continuously getting lost in Leeds! Today, for example, after missing the bus I decided it would be a good idea to attempt to walk to Headingley, BIG mistake. Thanks to my not so great sense of direction I made it an hour and a half later with relief, never again! Next time I will definitely just be patient and wait for the next bus or even risk getting into one of Leeds dodgy taxis rather than making that exodus again.

What next?

In regards to the course, the first week of teaching allowed me to think about which modules I am going to be more interested in and what aspects of journalism I would like to pursue after university. I am not sure what I wish to do in the future, and I imagine over the next three years it will continue to change, but that’s okay. As for general student life, I will continue to get lost in and around Leeds, probably for the next three years and attempt to learn how to cook in order to survive!



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