What kind of journalist are you?

I am particularly interested in the travel aspect of journalism. I have researched various travel blogs and forums below.

One particular travel blog that has interested me in the past is http://www.gridskipper.com.

Gridskipper allows users to find maps detailing various hot spots and attractions from a whole spectrum of different areas, for example ‘London’s hottest restaurants’ and ‘Where to sober up in Vegas’. I like this site because through a touch of humour and informality, visitors to the site can find first hand information from people who have actually researched these topics.

Another blog that I have found useful more recently is http://www.cntraveler.com/perrin-post.

The Perrin Post is more of an advisory blog for those planning to travel. I like this blog because it includes hundreds of useful tips and frequently asked questions to help visitors plan a trip, whether it be helping them decide where to go, how to save money, or what to take with them. Some examples are ‘take your Summer vacation in the Fall and pay a lot less’ and  ‘Paris museums and monuments with kids’.

Possibly one of the most popular travel blogs, and a personal favourite of mine is http://www.lonelyplanet.com/blog/

The Lonely Planet has a massive variety of information regarding travel on its website. Aswell as blogs, the site also includes photographs, films and maps to help users find the information they are looking for. Lonely Planet is also well-known for its facilities which help users book flights and insurance as well as hotels.

Another interesting travel blog is http://www.gadling.com.

Gadling is a useful blog for a variety of different travel related topics, it is particularly useful for budget travel tips, adventure travel and travel technology. The blog also covers recent news stories that may be relevant to users looking for places to travel and things to do.

The blog section of the STA website http://blogs.statravel.co.uk/ is extremely useful as it allows users to upload their own blogs to document their tips and experiences.

I find this interesting because it allows you to read other normal travellers rather than experts whose job is to encourage you to visit certain places.

Tying in with travel, one of my personal goals is to travel the world and document it through photography, films and blogs. Blogs such as the ones above are extremely helpful in planning trips like these, as they can not only advise you of where to go, but also of methods of travel and ways to save money.


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